Artist Illustration of a Yeti.

Am Fear Liath Mor, known also as the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, or simply as the Greyman, is the name given to a creature said to live on Ben MacDhui, the second highest mountain, which is situated in the Cairngorm in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. Stories about the Greyman have been recorded as early as 1791, though the most famous account was given in 1925 by a highly respected scientist and mountaineer who was on Ben MacDhui in 1891. Actual sightings of this creature have been rare. The 1925 account, for instance, did not even involve a glimpse of the Greyman.

The Greyman

Despite the lack of sightings, the Greyman has often been described as being 3 m (9.8 ft.) in height, with very long arms and legs, an ape-like head, and covered in short hair. The Greyman has also sometimes been compared to the Yeti of the Himalayas or the Bigfoot of North America. Nevertheless, the Greyman is not a creature of flesh and bone, but has been likened to a ghost. Regardless, all who claim to have had encountered this creature were filled with dread.

The earliest known account of an alleged sighting of the Greyman dates to 1791, and comes from by a poet by the name of James Hogg. The poet is said to have been tending sheep on Ben MacDhui, when he saw the creature:

“It was a giant blackamoor, at least thirty feet high, and equally proportioned, and very near me. I was actually struck powerless with astonishment and terror.”  

Encounter with the Greyman.

Encounter with the Greyman. (